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   Website building purposes
    Enhance the corporate image enhancement of competitiveness of enterprises

    Corporate image, commonly known as the CIS, is the visual image (VI), concept image (MI), the behavior of the image (BI) are collectively referred to. Good corporate image design can be fully demonstrated the company's business philosophy, and cultural qualities, operating principles, product development, commodity circulation, and other business factors.
    As enterprises increasingly competitive, how to display the fine tradition and corporate culture, establish a good corporate image, brand influence and corporate reputation, to provide customers with better products, to provide a variety of marketing tools and high quality, efficient service. is the key to winning customers and markets. Due to geographical restrictions, customer site visits to enterprises, to understand the business opportunity may not be very easy to achieve, so the website has become customers understand the business, affiliated enterprises and convenient way to interact with enterprise. Good design, and fully display the corporate image and culture, products and services, business and variety of customer interaction approach and convenient, fast, reasonable structure, sites often give customers leave a good and deep impression, but also for customers to purchase products, services or enterprises to establish a good foundation, to add more business and opportunities for cooperation.
    Improve the timeliness and accuracy of the information dissemination
    Traditional media on paper as a medium for dissemination, not only typesetting, printing, binding cycle is long, costly, update, inconvenient, slow delivery. As a new media site, is the network as the media, with its timely, efficient, easy to maintain, free from the constraints of time, low-cost advantage by more and more enterprises are welcome.
    Provide many services to enhanced interactivity
    The site provides online customer service, e-mail, community, guestbooks, forums, reviews, phone, fax and other customer interaction to provide customers with a full range of one-stop service, and the information released in a timely manner, update, and easy maintenance. This corporate website under the e-business models and customer interaction capacity will directly affect the behavior of the customers visit.
    Smart website at the moment to reflect on their customer relationship management strategy, loyal and stable customer base through e-commerce intelligent customer management to the enterprise.
    E-commerce - the never-ending trade fair
    E-commerce usually refers to the wide range of business and trade activities around the world, the Internet an open network environment, based on browser / server applications, the way buyers and sellers are not met in various business activities, to achieve the consumer's online shopping, online transactions between businesses and online electronic payments and a variety of business activities, trading activities, financial activities and related service activities of a new business model.
    To develop Internet marketing to expand domestic and foreign markets
    Network marketing is based on Internet-based digital information and interactive online media to assist the marketing objectives to achieve a new way of marketing is an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. The network marketing to achieve overall business objectives, various activities of the Internet as the basic means to create online business environment. Network marketing is the Internet as a carrier to comply with the network mode of transmission, methods and concepts to the implementation of marketing activities to achieve organizational goals or social value.

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