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   Website style and creativity
    The website style (style) refers to the overall image of the site to the customer's feelings, including the significance of the site of the CI (logo, colors, fonts, slogans), layout, navigation, interactivity, text, tone, content value, there is The site honors, and many other factors. For example: We feel that Netease is approachable, Disney is a lively, IBM is the professional and serious. These are the sites of different feelings to the people left.
    A. Flag logo on the most prominent position on each page.
    Two. Highlighting the standard color.
    3. Summarize the essence of the promotional language.
    4. The image of the same type with the same effect.
    Whether it is graphic design, web design, color is always the most important part.
    A. With a color. Here is to first select a color and then adjust the transparency or saturation, this page looks unified color, layering.
    Two. With two colors. Select a color first, and then select its contrasting colors.
    3. With a color. Simple is to use a sense of color, such as light blue, light yellow, light green: or yellowish brown, Tuhui, soil blue.
    The idea is novel and creative ideas is a way for the audience to resonate difference. Therefore, according to the nature of the client's industry, the type of business products or services and analytical thinking, designed both to reflect industry characteristics of the site to reflect their own unique characteristics.

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