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   Site planning
    Site targeting

    Site targeting websites on the internet What is the role to the target group (the viewer) to convey the core concept of what kind of play what role, through its website. Therefore, the site location is crucial. In other words, site targeting, site building strategy, site structure, content, performance and so on around the site targeting to commence. Also, the implementation of the site long-term planning, analysis of their own advantages, competitors, determine the profit model.
    Visual processes
    Read, the vision there is a natural flow of habit. Psychology studies have shown that the general browsing habits from top to bottom, left to right on a plane, on the Panasonic stable and suppress. Similarly, the stability of the plane left loose right. Therefore, the flat top of the strong visual impact at the bottom of the left is stronger than the right. So that the plane of the upper and the upper part is called the "sight", which is the most preferred place. Some outstanding or recommended in the web design are usually placed in this position. Of course, this visual process is just a feeling is not a fixed formula, as long as they meet people's mental order and logical order, can be more flexible to use, flexible and reasonable use of a direct impact on web design, to convey information accuracy and validity.
    Part plan
    Local planning for the success of the site has a very direct relationship. Successful planning of the part-based understanding of user needs. Understanding of users and demand more accurately, the deeper part of the site more attractive, to be able to retain more potential customers.
    Website part of the planning, it is actually extracted the height of the site content. Is again beautiful text books, in the absence of a clear outline and structure, it will probably be drowned in the ocean of books. The site is also true, no matter how wonderful the site's content, the lack of accurate part extracted, it is difficult to cause the viewer's attention.
    Therefore, part of the site plan first of all to achieve the most concise language to extract each part in the site content, clearly tell visitors to sites in what to say, what information and functionality.
    The more the content of the site, viewers are also more easy to get lost. Local viewers should also provide a clear and intuitive guidance to help visitors to easily reach all the pages of the site.
    Local navigation role typically includes: global navigation, the navigation path, quick navigation, navigation.
    Content is king
    Content is king is a business philosophy, one of the most well-known in media circles. Its author Viacom company (viacom) CEO Sumner Redstone is described: "the cornerstone of the media companies must and absolutely must be content, content is everything!"
    The site's survival lies in the quality of the site's content, providing high-quality network resources to users to browse the foundation of a website!
    Improve the user experience "has become the site construction and the key to survival, allowing users to find what they are looking for, and obtain valuable information from the website is the basis for the existence of a website!
    The original content to a website to keep the user to establish a good reputation in focus!
    Framework and layout
    The page layout can be divided into the "State" font, corner type, "T" font, the "L" font, the Integrated Framework type, flash type, change type.
    Framework and layout of the design web pages, according to the actual situation and needs of customers, to grasp the layout of the positioning of the site at the reasonable framework.
    The overall width of the resolution: Web can be divided into the form of three settings: the percentage of pixels, pixels + percentage. Usually pixel in the form most commonly used in the construction site, industry websites is no exception. To take into account in the design of the page when the resolution of the problem, so that it can achieve better visual effects.
    Image: the rational use of pictures, either to achieve a focused content, but also to beautify the site effect.
    Rational use of space: Website rational use of information such as text, pictures, animations, etc.. Pages of primary and secondary should be clear to a reasonable arrangement, organic combination of the page to reach equilibrium, even if part of a large area of the side of the blank, the same does not feel empty, on the contrary it would leave a broad space for thinking, gives aftertaste to achieve a visual effect.
    Text choreography: web design, font dealing with color, layout, graphics and other design elements of the deal with the same key. In order to enhance the effect, to text, graphics and text for emphasis.
    Network marketing
    Network marketing is an integral part of their overall marketing strategy, network marketing is carried out to achieve overall business objectives, various activities of the Internet as the basic means to create online business environment.
    With the development of science and technology, the surge in the number of Internet users, the network plays an increasingly important role in people's daily lives: the same time, network marketing, with its many advantages is gradually become the most important and most effective way of marketing . Using network marketing and success stories are many, many companies have realized the many advantages of network marketing and a growing number of network marketing.
    Network marketing, including: event marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), search engines, PPC, email marketing, Q & marketing, forum marketing.

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