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   Website features design
    Information management system

    The information management system for news, information, products and industry trends, through the relevant part classification of systematic, standardized real-time applications on the site. In addition, it also provides information related to the maintenance and management functions.
    Information inquiry system
    Information query system for information search on the site by keyword, including information on names, product names, information title, title, etc., in order to quickly retrieve customer care information or products.
    Product management system
    The product management system for real-time publish and manage various types of products. The front desk customer inquiries browse easy: strong background management, even if the product variety and range of relevant parameters, frequent updates, product management system can also be quickly and easily add products, modify, delete. Product management system and online shopping systems can also seamlessly integrated, easy enterprise online shopping mall.
    Membership management system
    Membership management system to effectively manage customer resources: collect the full membership, and member of management at different levels, giving members the appropriate level of permission, providing related products or services functions.
    Online shopping system
    The online shopping system is the network to create a virtual shopping mall. Customer shopping process is intuitive, easy, fast and convenient, is a useful complement to traditional sales channels. To view the merchandise online, buy goods, to generate online order online checkout.
    Feedback system to provide complete information feedback and publishing, used to collect customer comments or suggestions to facilitate the online exchange is a powerful tool to collect customer feedback through the network to communicate with customers.
    Online survey
    The online survey system is used to investigate the system on the site for products, services, or related topics. The system generated Web interface-based questionnaire system, easy to operate.
    E-commerce usually refers to the wide range of business and trade activities around the world, the Internet an open network environment, based on browser / server applications, the way buyers and sellers are not met in various business activities, to achieve the consumer's online shopping, online transactions between businesses and online electronic payments and a variety of business activities, trading activities, financial activities and related service activities of a new business model.
    The field of e-business applications can be divided into three areas: inter-enterprise business activities, business operations within the enterprise, as well as online services.
    Online Shopping Mall
    The online store is similar to real-world stores, the difference is the use of various means of e-commerce reached virtual store from buying or selling process, thereby reducing the intermediate links, to eliminate the agent the middle of the post to increase the market liquidity of the tremendous development space and promoting economic development.
    The online store has three main categories:
    B2B - (BUSINESS To the Business, business to business):
    B2C (Business the To the Customer, business-to-customer direct sales, credit and high):
    C2C (Customer to Customer, the customer, and customers), its function is not the same.

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