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   Site optimization and promotion
    Website optimization

    Website optimization is to achieve optimal results through the rational design of site features, structure, layout, content, procedures and other key elements, so that the form of Web site performance. Site optimization consists of three levels of meaning: the user access to information optimization, optimization of the network environment (search engine), site operation and maintenance optimization.
    Website Optimization in two parts: First, site optimization, site optimization. Optimization is to make the site a good user experience degree rise in search engine friendly and within the station, the purpose of doing so is to make your site ranking in search engines and get good customer conversion rate: site optimization to help sites and site owned enterprises to promote the brand, this process may involve the way Baidu bidding, auction Google, Baidu ads, Google ads, natural rank promotion.
    Search engine optimization
    Search engine optimization (SEO, Search Engine Optimization) is the more popular network marketing methods, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase the visibility of the site, thereby increasing sales opportunities. Divided into two kinds of site SEO and Site SEO. SEO's main job is to understand how the various search engines to crawl the web page, how to index and how to determine for a particular keyword ranking search results and other technical, related to the optimization of web pages to increase search engine rank, thereby increasing site traffic, and ultimately enhance the site's ability to sell or advocacy capacity technology.
    Website optimization and search engine optimization
    Search engine optimization is important to the professional design of the basic elements of the site construction, makes them fit the user access to information, but also suitable for search engines to retrieve information - the starting point and ultimate goal of website optimization, users and search engines are the same, are order to provide convenience to the user to obtain information on the site. Fundamentally speaking, the site optimization is both user optimization, search engine optimization. The essential difference between website optimization and search engine ranking SEO services is website optimization network marketing-oriented Web site construction thought to guide the basic elements of professionally designed web site, is a systematic and global nature of the work, so that the site better purpose of the information passed to the user network marketing: search engine ranking is only a partial view of the front rank in search engines results, the starting point is to adapt the retrieval of the search engine rather than to pass to the user, a limited number of keywords valuable information. On the methods used for search engine ranking services usually focus on some external factors, such as a pile of keywords, not visible to users and increase the means of external links, etc., rather than the rational design of the site of internal elements.
    Website promotion
    The purpose of website promotion is to let more customers know the site where you are, and make as many potential customers to understand and access the site in order to achieve the use website to pass your marketing message to the user. Product and company information via the website, to provide support for the eventual formation of a purchase decision. Specific ways: through traditional advertising, corporate image to publicize: network technology, links, and online advertising to publicize.
    Domestic websites to promote the site to the major domestic well-known websites and search engines. Sohu, Sina, Netease, Baidu, Yahoo, Google, etc., as well as various industry portals and e-commerce site. Domestic promotion is divided into a commercial promotion, general promotion, PPC, Chinese address bar, search, and industry promotion.
    The international website promotion website promotion in the world. Mainly refers to a website to promote in the world-renowned sites. Google, Yahoo, AOL. Google the amount of data is the world's largest, the query is the most convenient, the largest global market share, global access to the largest number.

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