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   Website operators
    Web site operators in order to enhance the efficiency of web service users engaged with the site post-operation, business-related work, usually including the website content updating and maintenance, site process optimization, data mining, analysis, user management, website marketing plan. Website operators commonly used indicators: PV, IP, and registered users, online users, paying users, time spent on the purchase frequency, such as ARPU value. The site operator is a general concept, including design, programming, customer service, network marketing, the company management.
    Web site operators focus mainly refers to the domain name selection, search engine promotion, online advertising. Choosing a good domain name on the Web site operators to play a multiplier role. If you want to search engine optimization, both in relation to costs, the most important thing is to optimize quality.
    Maintenance work of website promotion, looking for link exchange objects, release information, Email marketing, respond to customer Email, and Web sites with user interaction response to need long-term business. Much of this work do not need to involve too complex expertise, but need to invest a lot of energy. For the site maintenance personnel, the need for clear job responsibilities, content, and learn something new long-term, these people are loyal users of the website marketing. In addition, you can use traditional media (such as radio, television, newspaper ads, outdoor light box signs and advertising), exhibition, corporate printed materials (catalogs, business cards) to promote the way of website promotion.
    Only the sense of the network marketing business principles, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise to carry out the operation of the site in order to make the corporate Web site to play a real role. Therefore, both the existing site or enterprise must never lose sight of this aspect of the Web site operators are under construction site.

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