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IDC overview
The overall design of the engine room to follow the requirements of international and domestic standards of IDC building, the engine room of an average height of 4-5 meters, to meet the load-bearing capacity requirements. Room construction planning construction in two phases, construction area of ​:​:4,000 square meters, with adequate data room space to meet growing customer demand.
engine room area
The engine room building area of ​:​:4,000 square meters.
cabinet number
Over 700 of the rack, which can accommodate over 7000 hosting server.
engine room construction
The engine room of the overall building structure in accordance with the requirements of building design and construction of international standard IDC, simple and bright features, anti-static steel raised floor load-bearing capacity of 600 kilograms per square meter, this load-bearing in a variety of special circumstances to maximize the protect the safety of customer equipment and data.
power protection
Data center for the distribution system with multiple layers of redundancy design, including:
(1) Dual high voltage power supply with a total capacity of 2 × 1500KVA, respectively, from the two power supply access.
(2) the dual Lusuokeman 800KVA UPS power supply, can provide not less than two hours online power protection.
3 ultra-high-power diesel generators to ensure that the power supply power when the engine room.
4 provides two completely independent power within the cabinet, to provide to the server.
Data center to ensure that more than 99.99% of the electricity will continue to supply rate.
The engine room Emerson carrier-grade UPS equipment, 4 sets of 400KVA UPS with dual N +1 redundant configuration for the rack power supply
Of batteries imported Italian extraordinary battery can provide up to 30 minutes of backup power at full load.
distribution cabinet
Distribution switch Schneider, computer room PDU cabinet real-time monitoring to the working status of each cabinet, power usage, fault alarm, etc., can be personalized for a single rack power supply services
Cabinet custom cabinet, height 42U, depth 900mm, width 600mm cabinets direct transmission of power distribution cabinet, power capacity 3KW per rack UPS power supply are two of the UA, UB
air conditioning
The Si Taideng room dedicated precision air conditioning system allows the engine room 7X24 hours to maintain a constant temperature of 22 ° C ± 3 and 50% ± 5% humidity environment. The same time, the ventilation return air on the air supply to each rack can be more stable and uniform air flow, especially suitable for the thermal environment of the server. Up to five air-conditioning system of mutual redundancy, the failure of any air conditioning will not affect the normal operation of the environment.
fire prevention facilities
FM200 (heptafluoropropane) submerged gas fire extinguishing system, the use of automatic, manual and mechanical operations. Protection in each area are set to smoke and temperature sense, and to ensure that the first time to detect and eliminate fire hazards.
safety measures
Multi-point video surveillance system
Multi-level intelligent authentication security system
IC card / password access control
Fingerprint identification
Dual control lock
monitoring and management center
Information Data Center NOC network monitoring center to provide customers with 7 × 24 continuous monitoring, scheduled scans on the network client-server to determine the specified service port that you can access it. When the specified port services can not access, monitor alarm system will automatically based on predetermined parameters, and fault level, technical experts and customers to a variety of ways inform the data center (via pagers, mobile phones, e-mail and other forms).
The system administrator can also obtain customer authorization, client-server fault recovery operations, including: restart the server, restart the specified service, change the IP address.
customer service and technical support
IDC data center has a young and rich practical experience in the customer service team. The senior technical engineers have accumulated a wealth of Internet data center operations and service experience, providing customers with 7 × 24 room on-site professional services to ensure the stable operation of the customer network.
IDC has a good network operation and maintenance personnel with a wealth of customer service and network maintenance experience, providing customers with full technical support and customer service, along with the monitoring equipment and monitoring software, enjoy high-quality bandwidth, increasing the value-added services, and 7 × 24 in all aspects of monitoring services.
Independent Telecom, China Unicom, the Education Network, and Railcom 4 line export BGP room.
1U server machine bit +100 MB shared bandwidth
2U server machine bit +100 MB shared bandwidth
Managed machine 1U and 100 MB shared
Beijing the BGP wire backbone, the core of the engine room
Bandwidth services for one year (minimum bandwidth guarantee 2M)
Free flow statement
Free 7 days 24 hours around the clock technical support
Domain name registration and ICP annual inspection services
Price: 6800 yuan / year
Managed machine 2U and 100 MB shared
Beijing the BGP wire backbone, the core of the engine room
Bandwidth services for one year (minimum bandwidth guarantee 2M)
Free flow statement
Free 7 days 24 hours around the clock technical support
Domain name registration and ICP annual inspection services
Price: 7800 yuan / year

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