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   U-mail E-mail
    U-Mail e-mail system is a distributed, high-capacity, highly available e-mail system, with good reliability, and scalability. At present, widely used in e-government around the site, the Golden Tax Project, IDC and around the industry portal.
    U-Mail e-mail system technical architecture advantages
    ·The underlying solid, highly stable
    In order to ensure the stability of the system reliable, every aspect of need, including hardware, operating system, the core of the MTA, the application layer is stable and reliable the job. Usually choose well-known brand server hardware, stability, reliability are guaranteed, not very different.
    The operating system Win2000 or Win2003, the characteristics of the mail system, you need to do some security adjustments. In addition to the operating system, the system only load the necessary software, shielding all service port.
    ·Easy to manage, maintain
    The complexity of the system structure is bound to bring trouble on the management and maintenance. Our design is controlled by a unified management interface, so that knowledge of the system administrator on the operational status of each server, load conditions, flow: through a control interface, remote control server starts, turn off on the service process remotely start, stop, and deployment of traffic.
    ·Increased equipment is simple, effective
    The system scalability is an important indicator to measure the system design is good or bad. Good system to be able to make a few simple additions to the hardware, software configuration to meet their needs. We designed a linear relationship between the growth of the number of users and the number of mail servers. PC server hardware cost is relatively low, to 30,000 yuan a high-performance PC servers as the SMTP server can support 150,000 users, 300,000 users as a POP server can support as a storage server can support 30,000 users .
    While ensuring the reliability of the system, to the greatest lower costs. Reduce costs in two ways, first, the maximum utilization of hardware, the second is to avoid the use of high-end storage backup devices, load balancing equipment, and four switches.
    ·With multi-level permissions management, support for enterprise-wide development
    High-capacity e-mail system, not just individual users, as well as business users. The needs of different user groups is different. Provide different services for different user groups, packages, and is undoubtedly an important means of marketing. Which technically do to protect the job. U-Mail message is undoubtedly the best technical means to reflect user needs.
    Operators, have a rich rights management system, every aspect of a management of the mail system is tight, tight.
    U-Mail system management using a four-level management levels: system administrator, super-domain administrator, domain administrator, ordinary users, organization management module can be set to the user's mailbox permissions department administrators to manage the department.
    System administrator: the mail server system account, with the highest privileges, it can be all the system settings. You can configure mail monitoring, audit and other functions of all domains.
    Super-domain administrator: has the right to manage all domain mailbox permissions.
    Domain Manager: can manage all mailboxes under this domain user the right to manage
    Department administrator, with the permission of the management rights of employees under the management of the department mailbox, add or delete users, and restrict the use of functions.
    Ordinary users with permission to manage their own mailbox.
    · The highly modular, the minimum coupling between modules
    Maturity level of modularity, the system can be reflected. Make full use of open source treasure trove of free resources, excellent open-source projects improved, optimized, it will build a good system. Not in favor of fully developed from the ground up.
    Communicate through standard interfaces between modules, the degree of coupling as small as possible, so that even if the problem will not affect the overall situation. Most importantly, system scalability is greatly enhanced. If at any time virus scanning filter module upgrade, or spam filtering module upgrades, and other modules without any modification.
    ·Provides a direct interface with other systems: platform, such as billing, messaging platforms, anti-virus gateway
    As a mail carrier, the billing module is very important. Good design for flexible billing raw data. According to these billing data, can develop a flexible promotional tools.
    With the popularity of text messaging, e-mail system and SMS will be the gradual integration. Extension of platforms, such as gateway anti-virus, anti-spam gateway, anti-yellow gateway can be flexible docking.
    · The application layer of secondary development, deployment is simple and convenient
    In order to facilitate the e-mail system to integrate with other systems for our customers to build a unified U-Mail offers a variety of secondary development of standard APIs and the U-Mail, has a large number of OA system, ERP system, PDM system integration experience.
    An SMS notification, SMS secondary development interface
    (2) MMS interface
    3 Plugin development

    WEB user interface
    Secondary development interface. Single sign-on
    6 address of the secondary development interface
    7 management of the organization of secondary development interface
    8 the system user-interface development
    Developed by the mail server plug-in
    10 embedded in the e-mail system development
    11 new mail arrives, the process interface
    12 Jump custom login interface
    13 remote Java interface
    14 e-mail to read and write secondary development interface
    15 mobile phone Wap access interface
    A single server deployment solution
    Escalation of the U-Mail, the mail server itself is excellent stability and server hardware performance, if they can accept an average of once a year or less down the accident, a single server deployment is the most economical erection, deployment structure in Figure 1 below.
    Hot standby solution deployments
    Hot Standby is for a backup done by the temporary failure of the server, hot standby, to avoid a long period of service interruption, to ensure the system long-term, reliable service. In order to avoid a server failure to produce phenomena such as data loss, old technology is the use of RAID technology and data backup, data backup can only solve the problem in the system after the recovery. Whether it is hardware or software problem may cause the interruption of mail service, RAID and data backup technology precisely to avoid service interruption can not solve.
    To recovery the server is running after downtime accident occur, then a slight problem or a powerful technical support, the server will interrupt a period of time, may cause loss of mail, is equivalent to losing money for some users require uninterrupted line, lost mail, losses vary in the type of user is very difficult to endure a service interruption. Therefore, by the hot standby, to avoid service interruptions, ensure the system long-term, reliable service.
    Hot spare storage array-based dual-
    Prepared based on the storage shared hot hot standby in most standard programs. In this way, using two servers (mail system running on two servers), the use of shared storage devices, disk array (e-mail system data stored in the disk array). The two servers can be used to each other by the master and slave, parallel in different ways. In the course of the two servers will be a virtual IP address of the external provision of services, according to the different ways of working, the service request is sent to a server assume. At the same time, the server heartbeat (currently often set up a private network) to detect another server working conditions. When a server fails, another server to make judgments based on the heartbeat detection, and switch to take over the service. For users, this process is fully automated, the business will not impact in a very short period of time to complete. Due to the use of shared storage devices, so the two servers are actually the same data by double machine or cluster software management.
    Advantages: shared database on the shared storage device. When a server to provide services directly in the storage device to read and write. When the system switch to another server also reads the data on the storage device. Unattended it can provide a rapid switch to ensure that there will be no data loss phenomenon.
    Disadvantages: increased investment in the storage device and powerful enterprises, give priority to the way.

    Hot standby Dual based on software management
    Pure software, imaging software, data can be real-time replication to another server, so that the same data on two servers on the existence of a, if one server fails, you can promptly switch to another servers.
    ① saving investment.
    ② without distance constraints: the two servers without the SCSI cable length restrictions (Fibre Channel disk array are not subject to distance limitations, but the investment will be much larger). This allows more flexibility in the deployment of servers, including the physical location of the distance to improve security.
    ① relatively poor reliability, real-time replication of data between two servers is a relatively fragile part.
    ② Once a server is interrupted, after the resumption, but also more complex data synchronization recovery. And, this time the system is unprotected.
    ③ no transaction mechanism, due to its copy in the file and disk layer, copy the success will not affect the database transaction operations, so there is incomplete data changes, the existence of a considerable risk.

    Software maintenance and unknown BUG so we do not recommend such an approach for hot standby. U-Mail customers need to use the vast majority of users are the hot standby disk array-based shared storage devices, but until now, have not yet found the repair or the need to maintain.

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