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   263 E-mail
    263 network communication is the first to promote the professional e-mail service, carrier-grade e-mail service providers. 263 E-mail with new ideas and breakthrough features. 263 independent development of network communication. Support over 40 million users of e-mail platform to provide customers with high stability, high security, high reliability, carrier-grade e-mail service. At present, the 263 network communication has become the nation's largest professional e-mail service provider.
    263 network communication has its own carrier-class nationwide the IDC, the industry's top e-mail hardware device, has accumulated a carrier-class experience, improve the operation and maintenance system, to protect the stability of the E-mail, fast, safe, high-quality service.
    263 E-mail to apply for a breakthrough, and adapt to the popularity of broadband access, and integration of a number of enterprise Internet applications. Provide professional business communications solutions, and promote internal collaboration, improve operational efficiency, reduce cost of business operations, provides businesses with easy and efficient overall Internet application solutions.
    Core strengths
    ·Fusion comprehensive management of instant messaging
    263EM (Enterprise Messenger) reflects the perfection of the E-mail and instant messaging, phone conferencing service
    Integration, and highlights the easy-to-manage design concept, an effective solution to enterprise management and internal communication needs, from
    Significantly improve communication efficiency
    · Stable and reliable, always-on
    263 network communication through the tireless efforts of the past 10 years in the industry the only with a leading carrier-class operational capabilities and professional
    E-mail technology to ensure the safety of users every opportunity, and accurate service.
    Commitment to user service success rate of 99.99%
    · Global smooth-mail multiple protection
    Overseas transceiver foolproof
    North-south interconnection line access
    Warning real-time upgrade of peak bandwidth
    Green, anti-anti-virus security
    263 network communication bearers as the National 863 Plan of the exclusive e-mail operators invested more than 10 million, after dozens
    Of experts, which lasted more than a year of painstaking crucial research projects - the multi-feature intelligent anti-spam system and standards for research and implementation
    Now "A-level acceptance of the Expert Group on National 863 Project, and applied for six patents.
    Spam-blocking rate of not less than 99% false positive rate is not higher than 0.01%, the killing rate of virus mail not less than 99.99%
    263 Network Communications National 863 project deliverables products, the introduction of the TAP intelligent anti-spam services products to more Chinese enterprises can enjoy the 263 network of advanced anti-spam technology and operations services to and from the troubles of the spam. 263TAP intelligent anti Service Integration behavioral filtering, pattern recognition, adaptive content filtering and other advanced technology, and after a detailed argument, experiment, and 263 mail service platform of millions of users. TAP intelligent Anti-service certification system to support e-mail service, businesses do not need to make any changes to domain users, only a simple configuration to meet different needs. The product has good scalability to large group companies, small to common institutions to meet the different needs, and can be loaded into the mail server of any self-built, and help enterprises to establish an "anti-green barrier. 263 network communications for the enterprise day-to-day anti-operational services allow enterprises to safely enjoy the DND corporate mail service, and improve work efficiency.
    TAP intelligent anti-spam services to effectively help users to fight spam harassment, simple and easy to use, you only need to modify an MX record in the 263 records, you do not need to change any settings within the user can now participate in two weeks free trial and to achieve a good anti-feelings, the trial process will not lose any one e-mail.
    Product Features:
    Intelligent systems technology intelligence: Using the national 863 program, effectively identifying spam:
    Sexual self-learning: active learning spam and normal e-mail features, and intelligent anti-spam:
    High blocking rate of more than 96% of the spam: the ability to achieve high blocking rate:
    False positive rate: the actual test business letter false positive rate of less than three ten thousandths:
    Management: Users autonomous landing WEB configuration management, and domain administrator anti-Daily.
    •: Maintenance-free: Once the purchase, no maintenance, and 7 × 24 hours to upgrade and service.
    Value-added services
    ·263, Enterprise Mail archive

    E-mail archiving on the message data archiving, catalog management, long-term reservations and allow real-time search and access. For massive data applications, data migration and management. Data to desist from changing or not frequently used e-mail archiving system to transfer them to low-cost storage hardware, so that stored in the daily backup window, you can immediately obtain the required data when needed and quick search.
    263 corporate e-mail archiving can business users demand, online archive of global users to send and receive e-mail, long-term retaining and allows real-time search and access, maintaining the e-mail information of the original state to facilitate business users in the future regulatory audit, to achieve a history-mail can be traced.
    · Free fax mail

    The fax mail feature 263 E-mail to receive the traditional fax machine to send faxes, the new 263 E-mail system a standard service provided free of charge to all Mail users.
    263 E-mail users only from the Webmail registration page Send Request own mailbox and distribution of fax numbers to bind, you can easily open the fax message. The user could send ordinary fax by dialing the fax service number 950 507 +263 E-mail user extension to complete the fax sending. Fax 263 fax mail system will be received through the telephone network (PSTN) via e-mail gateway (Email Gateway,) to convert and fax sent to the user's e-mail as an attachment.
    · 263, mobile email service
    Business busy time on the Internet to send and receive messages, 263 phone-mail to help you e-mail at any time with in the side. You just send text messages Register free to check your mail through the mobile phone. Your mailbox that can be 263 E-mail can also use any mailbox, and can choose the SMS, the push the two arrival notification. Through the phone like normal online, read mail, write mail, send a message. 263 mobile email truly allows you to experience anywhere, anytime, to facilitate the high efficiency of the mobile office.
    , Mmulti-lingual E-mail interface
    In order to meet the needs of different users on the use of language, 263 E-mail mail services industry created to support multilingual. Is now up to five languages ​:​:for you to choose, including: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean. When you login through the web page (, and E-mail, you can directly select the page language layouts login. Successfully entered your e-mail function interface into the selected language, the system record layout in the form as you log in using the mailbox the default language. The same time, you can change your interface language at any time in the web mailbox. Login E-Mail E-mail Settings -> Preferences -> Language Selection "in the drop-down menu, select Settings.
    · EA Enterprise Directory
    263 contacts (abbreviation: 263EA) is a dedicated user-friendly Outlook \ Express \ foxmail, and other commonly used e-mail client to send mail plug-ins, with easy to use, easy to manage, can be updated features. Mainly Outook (2003 \ 2007), Outlook Express (V6.0 and above), foxmail (V6.0 and above), the main function is as follows:
    (1) clearly demonstrate to employees the organizational structure at a glance.
    Support in accordance with the first letter of the search e-mail address, even new recruits or employees belong to different departments can always find the mail object.
    With the enterprise mailbox management platform data synchronization, the perfect solution to the former employees of enterprise e-mail address does not automatically delete e-mail client address book.
    ·Enterprise mailbox accelerator
    263 E-mail clients across the country, send and receive messages at different rates due to the geographical distribution and corporate bandwidth capacity, while the demands of business users of mail services has been increasing. Holds user-centered faith, 263 in-depth customer needs, Zhixin to provide customers with the best corporate mail service, carefully developed and launched the E-mail Accelerator, significantly improved the speed of the corporate e-mail, and can reduce and control the enterprise network bandwidth consumption, and effectively solve the problem of corporate mail service response to 263 corporate mail users to send and receive mail on the issue has been greatly improved.

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