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   Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
    Search engine marketing (SEM, Search Engine Marketing,) is the effective use of search engines, online marketing and promotion, to achieve maximum business value with a minimum investment.
    Target level of the search engine marketing (SEM)
    · Search engine marketing (SEM) is divided into four levels: the existence layer, presentation layer, attention and transformation layers.
    · Exists layer: to be included in the major search engine, categories, or appear in search engines through PPC. Login search engine includes free listings, paid inclusion, search engine keyword advertising and other forms.
    · Presentation Layer: good performance in the natural rankings of search results, otherwise need to use keyword advertising, bid advertising and other forms as a supplementary means to achieve this goal.
    · Concern level: to increase traffic to your site by increasing the click-through rate of search results, which reflects the degree of customer focus. Therefore, overall the site to optimize the design and use of keyword advertising and search engine marketing (SEM) services, to achieve the web not only be indexed by search engines, but also increase customer click-through rate, so as much as possible to visitors converted to the customer.
    · Conversion layer: the site was visited by the conversion to income.
    A search engine marketing (SEM)
    · Search Engine PPC
    PPC search engine site charge, Keywords been search engine included, paid the higher the ranking the more forward, and in accordance with the customer clicks the billing of a service mode. Adjust the price of pay per click, you can control the position of the ranking in a particular keyword search results.
    · Search engine optimization (SEO)
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or SEO) is by understanding how the various search engines crawl the web page, how to index and how to determine its search results for a particular keyword ranking technology. Its purpose is related to the optimization of web content, to meet the customer's browsing habits, without prejudice to the customer experience, improve search engine rankings, increase site traffic, and enhance the site's ability to sell or publicity.
    · Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)
    Pay-per-click advertising (PPC, Pay Per Click) is the corporate purchase of keyword advertising on search engines or affiliate sites and a customer clicks to pay for online advertising pricing model. Purchase certain keyword advertising, you can control the presentation of key words in the search engine associated with the location and the associated website, so to assist potential customers to more easily close to provide products and services.
    Links with the skills of search engine marketing (SEM)
    · Keywords accuracy
    Select the most important principle of Keywords Keywords to be precise. The choice of keywords is not only related with the site's business, but also to search for the selected keywords people have a clear consumer demand and strength, and easily converted into the company's customers.
    · Guide page design
    The intro is the search for a keyword, click to link to pages. Customer reaches the keywords linked pages, can not produce consumption will depend on the guide page can impress clients. The success of the guide page should be designed around the customer behavior and characteristics: enough trust to customers, help customers content and answers to potential problems of the eyes of our customers.
    •: Data monitoring and optimization
    Data monitoring and optimization is very important. Only by establishing a detailed, scientific data monitoring systems to be able to grasp the relationship of the advisory capacity with the conversion rate. When the conversion rate is not ideal, improve advertising creative way, the monitoring between the different creative effect change, and then to find the best combination of creativity, in order to achieve the ideal search engine marketing (SEM) objectives.

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