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   Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or SEO) is by understanding how the various search engines crawl the web page, how to index and how to determine its search results for a particular keyword ranking technology. Its purpose is related to the optimization of web content, to meet the customer's browsing habits, without prejudice to the customer experience, improve search engine rankings, increase site traffic, and enhance the site's ability to sell or publicity.
    The value of search engine optimization of network marketing
    ·Significantly improve the website by search engine natural search visits.
    ·Through the optimization of web content, customer through the limited summary information in the search results to obtain valuable information and services, thus establishing trust in the site.
    ·Improve customer conversion rate to provide maximum support.
    Outside the station search engine optimization (SEO)
    Outside the station search engine optimization (SEO) optimization includes: Website external link optimization, website link building, website external data analysis.
    Outside the station search engine optimization (SEO) from an external Web site to site in search engine rankings, search engine technology from the site, these external factors beyond the control of the site. The most useful external sites factor is the reverse link, ie, external links.
    To produce high-quality backlinks:
    ·The preparation of high-quality content.
    ·Exchange links with other sites.
    ·Submit the URL to the category.
    Site search engine optimization (SEO)
    Search engine optimization (SEO) including: web site design, site code optimization, internal link optimization, website content optimization, website customer experience optimization.
    Rich site Keywords: article, add the new keywords will be conducive to search engine "spiders" crawling the article index, thereby increasing the quality of the site. But do not piled too many keywords, consideration should be given to customers in the search engines to find this article will use the keyword search.
    Theme Website: If the site is written on the same subject, then the site will achieve top rankings.
    Web Design: Search Engine prefer friendly page structure, and correct the code and clear navigation of the site.
    The site's internal links: Search engines work is through the "spider" program to crawl the web, tracking site content and link pages to find web pages extract hyperlink address.
    The number of regular updates: website updated more frequently, the search engine spiders to crawl more frequent.
    Export link: Export link will improve your site's ranking in search engines, links to other related sites in the article is useful to the readers.
    Wise Choose a domain name: try to choose a keyword domain names including.
    Theme and content: the theme of the page is more compact, search engine ranking it the better: somewhat appropriate. The content is too low to get a higher rank, too much will not be conducive to maintaining the keyword density, but also the lack of compact.
    To avoid duplicate content: The search engine is a serious warning in the user guide of the same content on multiple pages.
    The more the number of directory: directory, the search engine is also more comprehensive.
    Submit to a search engine: Each search engine allows customers to submit the website that are not included.
    Search engine optimization steps
    Research and choose keywords: First, the keywords list, and then analyzed according to the website, search engine share and target market to establish a list of keywords. Listed in the key words should be the customer's products or services.
    Site Diagnostics: Site Diagnostics include an analysis of a snapshot of the time of the search engines, a collection of speed, the specific content of each page and meta information, its purpose is to make each page of the website get higher rankings in search engines.
    Submitted to search engines and directories: Select high-quality search engines and directories, and then submit.
    Ranking Report Summary: keyword retrieval view rankings through the search engine changes.
    Website Update: natural search engine optimization and marketing goals through each customer site updates and changing the display of the search engine. These updates are combined with search engine algorithms, keyword promotion of additional products or services out.
    Search engine optimization to get good keywords ranking is not easy, but a continuous process.

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