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   Search Engine PPC
    PPC companies products, services, and by keyword in the search engine platform in the form of promotion, Pay-for-search engine advertising. Buy a certain number of keywords, the promotion of information will be rendered in accordance with the bid amounts in the corresponding search results.
    Search Engine PPC features
    Pay-for cost-effective
    PPC is the number of potential users access to the enterprise billing, and no client access billing. Flexibility to control the extension force and capital investment, to make the highest return on investment. Each keyword charges starting price may be different, several companies bidding on a keyword, click on the bid level of sort the search results according to the company. Promote information appears only in front of potential customers interested in targeted, easier to achieve business value.
    · Keywords unlimited number of
    Companies can register multiple key words, no limit to the number. Therefore, each a product of the enterprise has the opportunity to potential customers to find support for enterprise line of products to promote.
    Search engine PPC techniques
    · Keywords Selection
    Keywords can on behalf of the company's core products, services and brand keywords, to meet the customer's search habits and psychological. If the key word is a popular word, the promotion of cost-effective is not high, this time to continue to observe and adjust keywords or appropriate to increase the long tail word.
    · To promote the geographical and time
    According to the characteristics of products, services and scope of services can select the appropriate coverage of the regional bid delivery. Promotion time and customer consultation carried out simultaneously, which will cause the bid cost of the waste.
    · Keywords title and creativity
    Keywords title and creative selection is very important, it will directly affect the ranking, consumption, and promotion of results. Title and creativity to describe the writing must be standardized, accurate, concise concise, highlight keyword relevance and effectiveness.
    Search engine PPC platform
    PPC platform used: auction Google, Baidu auction the Soso auction, the Sogou auction, the proper way bidding.

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