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   E-mail Marketing
    E-mail (E-mail) marketing is a network marketing means delivering value to target customers via email. Valid e-mail (E-mail) marketing there are three basic factors: customer licensing, e-mail to transmit information, the information valuable to customers. Customer permission-based e-mail (E-mail) marketing has obvious advantages than the traditional way of promotion or unauthorized e-mail (E-mail) marketing, you can reduce the disturbance to the customers, to increase the accuracy of the positioning of potential customers and enhance relationships with customers, improve brand loyalty.
    E-mail (E-mail) address resources can be divided into internal lists and external lists. The internal list is the use of registered customers of the site information to carry out e-mail (E-mail) marketing methods, such as newsletters, membership publications: list of external professional services to customers e-mail address in the form of email advertising service provider's customers send a message.
    E-mail (E-mail) marketing characteristics: a wide range of simple and efficient to operate, low cost, highly targeted.
    E-mail (E-mail) marketing the basic conditions
    The technical basis: Customer voluntary application, unsubscribe from an e-mail is easy, effective management of customer information, send and effects track, analyze, manage, and easy maintenance.
    Address resource: the premise of customers to voluntarily join the email list to get enough customers e-mail (E-mail) address.
    Marketing: the e-mail sent to customers must be interesting or valuable customers.
    E-mail (E-mail) marketing strategy
    Website design and content to make customers interested, you can get some value or service, voluntarily added to the list of licensed e-mail (E-mail).
    Offers potential customers a demonstration information or tutorials, etc., to allow customers to fully understand the company's products or services.
    Provide incentives to ensure that potential customers to maintain the license list.
    To provide customers with more incentive to get a wider range of licensing, such as to give members more concessions, or to invite members to participate in the investigation, provide a more personalized service.
    Corporate marketing staff can use to obtain permission to encourage customers to take further action, permitted into profits.
    E-mail (E-mail) marketing model
    Customer Relations E-mail: Customer registered email address invitation to visit the site, so that customers receive the occasional promotional information and extension services, to strengthen the links between businesses and customers.
    News, products and services e-mail: send periodic and corporate news, products and services related to information, to allow customers to keep abreast of news, products and services, to promote the corporate customer's attention to share the company's products and services .
    Customized special services mail: send their greetings messages in the customer's special date (birthday, etc.) in a timely manner.
    Partners in joint marketing: cooperation with other enterprises, to send a message on behalf of the partners of the cooperative enterprise customers.
    The establishment of permission email list: permission mailing list is the list of target customers, clients join voluntarily.
    The spread of e-mail marketing: the dissemination of marketing messages not only provide an advertising opportunity, but also to encourage old customers to recommend to their friends about products and services.
    E-mail (E-mail) marketing the basic principles
    Avoid frequently send: send e-mail too often, e-mail is best not to be sent as an attachment.
    Respond promptly to: receive mail, to cultivate the habit of promptly.
    Avoid target Sent: not a mass in the form of ad delivery to a lot of strange e-mail (E-mail) address to avoid spam to damage the corporate image.
    Respect for the customer: the sending of unsolicited e-mail to customers, as well as to send multiple e-mail of the same content to customers. To give recipients control the frequency of receiving e-mail, and design unsubscribe e-mail, or renew an e-mail.
    Highlight the title and content simple: send an email to highlight the theme, title and content around the theme, focused, content simple.
    Custom personalized e-mail: set in accordance with the industry, geographic location, different ages, interests, hobbies, etc., as well as a reasonable set of design e-mail headers, image size, picture captions, along with contact information.
    Design and delivery platform and management platform: custom e-mail platform and marketing campaign management capabilities CRM platform, customer segmentation, statistical send e-mail response rates, open rates, clickthrough rates and return on investment targets, and develop e- mail (E-mail) marketing strategy, the establishment of corporate e-mail (E-mail) marketing effectiveness evaluation index system: access and protection of the evaluation of client resources, e-mail transmission of information evaluation, customer information receiving process indicators, customer response to the evaluation, the profit and Transforming evaluation.

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