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   Image display website building programs
    1. Overview of the program
    As enterprises increasingly competitive, how to display the fine tradition and corporate culture, establish a good corporate image, brand influence and corporate reputation, to provide customers with better products, to provide a variety of marketing tools and high quality, efficient service. is the key to winning customers and markets. Due to geographical restrictions, customer site visits to enterprises, to understand the business opportunity may not be very easy to achieve, so the website has become customers understand the business, affiliated enterprises and convenient way to interact with enterprise. Good design, and fully display the corporate image and culture, products and services, business and variety of customer interaction approach and convenient, fast, reasonable structure, sites often give customers leave a good and deep impression, but also for customers to purchase products, services or enterprises to establish a good foundation, to add more business and opportunities for cooperation.
    VI image according to the enterprise, industry characteristics, product and service positioning of the image display site construction, the preference of the customer base to design, developed in strict accordance with the standards of the W3C International World Wide Web Consortium, in line with international practice at the same time both its own distinctive features, as well as reflect the aesthetic and The man-machine interface in one of the visual design. Therefore, during the time of the overall site design creative, to consider the overall style of the site, and strive to the website simple and creative design, atmosphere, modern, stable, reasonable structure, various interactive and convenient, publish, update and maintain conveniently and easily.
    Enterprises according to their requirements, size, degree of difficulty to determine the site construction scale: standard, enhanced. According to customer requirements, we can select the appropriate configuration and economic programs tailored beautiful site.
    2. the basic configuration
    (1)site architecture design
    According to the customer's own needs, determine a column and two columns, and add, delete, or adjust the part.
    (2) basic information system
    Publish and maintain the basic information, record, account, etc.
    (3)Information and maintenance system
    Enterprise information: for example, about us (company profile, Speech, organizational structure, Honor, corporate culture, etc.), products, solutions, cases, support services, Careers, Contact Us (Contact two dimensional map, three-dimensional map). .
    Tables, and pictures released: companies can publish any form and add pictures.
    Image upload and download.
    (4)Information Retrieval System
    The fast search for relevant information based on keywords.
    (5)customer interaction system
    Customers online consultation: for example, message release, feedback, etc.. Through this system, customers can promptly to their needs, opinions and recommendations and other information to provide timely to the business sector, corporate and feedback.
    . QQ, MSN and other online services.
    (6)Site navigation system
    Information navigation services, user-friendly the overall station and information retrieval, at the same time be able to clearly know their own location, and back to visit the page at any time.
    (7)Website Promotion
    Used to improve the website's influence on the network, to improve their image and brand to attract more visitors, and for customers. Content, including search engines and optimization, customer tracking, customer base analysis, analysis of website marketing, website optimization results analysis.
    3. the case studies

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