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    TPLH is a senior website project to solution providers. The website project is committed to providing a more powerful, easier to use, more economical, safer, more stable, more efficient solutions.
    Since 2005, TPLH has more than 1,000 enterprises or organizations to provide services.
    TPLH in 10 kinds of network marketing, portals, online stores, Flash, the whole station, video sharing website solution, one-stop shop to meet your website design, web development, domain name registration, server space rental, the server Managed maintenance, website content maintenance, website promotion, traffic monitoring, E-mail needs.
    Top the Lianhua team and website site system construction reached industry-leading levels:
    (1) Technical strength
    With years of experience in technology development, TPLH not only to create a strong and stable construction site, according to the various types of customer needs, the accumulation of information management, process and form submission, the interactive features of the module, e-commerce function modules, members of management 8 categories of 30 kinds of websites, related modules, website promotion function module, the search function module, the site size, optimize the management module and other functional modules, customers can quickly build a strong and stable multi-functional web platform.
    (2) Visual design
    Top Lianhua continued focus on site visual design, good through simple or abundance, or simple and elegant or grand visual design assistance site to better achieve the goal of building. Both on the artistic level high design the class or structure of a complex portal site can be perfectly controlled, to achieve excellent design effect.
    (3) "Spread" as the core
    The purpose of the website is to better dissemination of core concepts, products and services, enhance corporate image and brand, and come to the fore in the same type of site. Therefore, regardless of the overall framework for planning and visual design as a basis for Communication plan to establish a scientific and professional website as a starting point for network communication network, providing customers with valuable services.
    (4) Good ability to integrate resources
    TPLH and Xu Beihong Art Institute, Beida Jade Bird, Warren College and other professional institutions talent agencies to establish long-term consultant relations of cooperation, and reached with Baidu, Google, Sina, network, Tencent, Youku, UEC data provider for many years the partnership of strategic cooperation to form a combination of advantages and dissemination of resource integration group, making us a convenient and efficient to meet the various needs of customers.
    (5) Marketing
    Through years of painstaking research and practice, the site links, content optimization, search analysis has many years of rich experience and advanced technology, combined with years of good cooperation with Baidu, Google, Yahoo and MSN, we can make the user's products Baidu, Google, Yahoo, MSN and service Keywords and related content can be as much as possible included and get a good ranking.
    Others such as PPC, email marketing, also has many years of research and practical experience.
    (6) Safe,stable and efficient
    Delivery systems, web pages, programs, databases anti tampered with, inject, and to guard against viruses, Trojans and other security support.
    Regular backups of programs and data.
    Efficient, fast and stable Internet response speed: North-South interconnection, directly to the Education and Research Network, and direct access to international bandwidth guarantee.
    Site in terms of speed, security or stability to achieve industry-leading level.
    (7) peration and maintenance
    The biggest advantage of the Internet lies in the timeliness of the information. Convenient, efficient website maintenance and management is essential for the site.
    Rely on our professionals and the unique technology and rich experience to provide low-cost, high quality and efficient operation and maintenance of corporate website, and safeguard the safety of the enterprise customer site procedures and data.
    (8) Integrated Services
    Have a comprehensive project management standards and the process of service delivery system is the cornerstone of the protection of site development and design of highly efficient and stable operation. We are well aware of the importance of standardized service standards to customers.
    TPLH high level of completion of the site as the core server management, website content maintenance and traffic promotion work: one-stop shop and site construction and service related issues.

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